Hello, my name is George Nastasi. I was born on August 5, 2012 in Marengo, Illinois. “So where the heck is that?” you ask. In the suburbs of Chicago, some 1,000 miles away from my final destination.

My dog parents are Lulu and Stevie. See how pretty my mom is? And how handsome my dad. Both were champion bullmastiffs with wonderful dispositions. Which tells you a bit about how I got so lucky!


My dog mom belonged to two wonderful human parents – Marko and Cindy Urukalo who live in Marego and are the breeders of Nobleboss Bullmastiffs. “Ah ha!” you said. Yes, that’s how I was born in Marengo!

My dog mom Lulu was very strong and gave birth to 10 pups. Guess who was the biggest in the litter? You got it – ME!


When I was born, Marko and Cindy put a ribbon around my neck – and my brothers’ and sisters’ necks too – so they could to tell us apart. I got the yellow ribbon, and was known as “Mr. Yellow.”

Now I like yellow, but I knew my name was George. So a few days after I was born, I whispered into Cindy’s ear – “My name is George.” I whispered so loudly and so frequently that Cindy had to hear me, and in fact, within weeks of my birth, Cindy was already calling me George.


But that was only half of the equation. I had to do the exact same thing for my human mother. Her name is Ancela and she was living in New York City. So I had no choice but to visit her dreams, where I told her loud and clear “My name is George.” When Marko and Cindy and Ancela all compared notes, I think you can imagine – they had quite a hoot!


In October of 2012, Ancela flew out to Chicago, bought a car, and drove me home to NYC. This is my car, see how good I look in the backseat.

My city life is quite something. I have an apartment on Madison Avenue and everyone calls me “The Mayor of Madison Avenue.” I get walked in Central Park a lot — it’s only one block away – and consider it my personal backyard. While doing my thing in the park – you know, flirting with pretty girls, chatting with my fourlegged buddies about the Giants’ game, playing a pickup game of fetch — I was discovered by three separate agents. Yup, I exude a certain “je-ne-sais-qua.” Some call it star power, I call it raw animal magnetism!

Well, that’s how I got to be on TV and in commercials. I really enjoy being in front of the camera. My mom says I was born a complete and total ham. I say it’s my job to share my irresistibly kissable face with the world!


I also have a house at the beach. I love playing ball in the sand and catching the waves.

I’ve done a lot of training, and know many, many commands. All my teachers say how smart I am. I say “But of course, brainpower is directly proportional to head size. Watch out Einstein!” I recently got certified as a Therapy Dog (from Bright and Beautiful) and Canine Good Citizen. Check me out on graduation day. That’s my teacher, Rose Mary. I really loved being in her class.


Some would say I have a good life. I say – “Nah, it’s really G-R-E-A-T!”

Thanks for visiting my site – please drop me a line!

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